Everyday Life: Week 48

Zumba at the Scout Hut. This place is like a Wes Anderson movie.

First proper frosty morning.

Crested China. First produced as souvenirs in the 1880s with the growth of tourism and the railways. The strange object on the right is labelled “Bolton Trotter” and is a fairly gruesome depiction of a pigs foot with the bone still attached. Apparently the Bolton football team are called the Trotters? Perhaps a bit of urban re-branding is in order! These treasures are courtesy of Prof. Steve Dixon collector of many an ebay ceramic find.

Open day duty

Nice new booklet designed by A Practice for Eveyday Life, based on drawings by Walter Crane.

Behind the scenes

Fancy doorbell pushes at the Museum of Science and Technology. It seems when electricity was a luxury, everyday objects were less everyday.





  1. Not sure I like the sound of Eros coffee… Surely it’s more of an agape love? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Greek_words_for_love

  2. I don’t know – some people feel very passionate about their coffee. Although I can confirm its difficult to feel particularly passionate about university franchise coffee.

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