Everyday Life: Week 49

12 years later this would be more accuratley named “the muddy grass verge of hope”. I walk past this most mornings and find it sets a depressing tone for the day to come – I’m hoping that in the spring it wil be a riot of daffodills…

Martin Boyce came to give a talk about his work. I loved his ideas about ventillation grills as “Thresholds to the guts of the building”

Its Christmas at the local pub / Chinese resturant highbred

Miniature hide-aways – student work by Tazmym Rowley, ticking my Moonrise Kingdom obsession box. Speaking of which…

Catherine’s impressive collection of Brownie and Girl Guide Badges from the 1980s and early 90’s, all well earned. I loved Brownies but we spent most of our time skidding around polished wooden floors in our socks and seeing how shiney we could get our emergency telephone 10ps – I somehow manage to get a hospitality badge, a collectors badge and an entertainer badge.

Mel’s Rural Idyll cushion covers – rescued from the dump.

Folk = Socks

Posh dinner.



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