Women in Print


Desdemona McCannon asked me to contribute to a collection of chapbooks she was making about women designers. The series accompanies Des’s programme of talks “Women in Print” which has now become a bit of a runaway success, with recent events at MMU and the Towner Gallery, Eastbourne, together with a planned witchcraft special at Boscastle in Cornwall Spring 2015.

Each of the little books is Riso printed and contains a portrait of a female designer who used the print medium, together with a short piece of writing about them and their work. I chose Barbara Jones as my “Woman in Print”. As well as being enchanted by Jones’s illustrations and writing that is by turns pithy and poetic, I am in awe of her multi-tasking career. She curated the Black Eyes and Lemonade exhibition during the festival of Britain (the archive of which was shown earlier this year at Whitechapel Art Gallery), wrote numerous articles for Architectural Review, and took part in the Recording Britain project.

Des talks more about this project in an interview with Angie Lewin for the St. Judes blog All things Considered.



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