Everyday Life: Week 4

A couple of really interesting and intense days spent at the School of Museum Studies at the University of Leicester for the Research in Translation workshops. IT was so cold I was really grateful for a warm and cosy room at this hotel.


Good morning hotel breakfast.


Struggling round the corner with my wheelie suitcase, this dog made me jump out of my skin. This was a staircase that went nowhere,


Student work responding to Esther Leslie’s writing on the “Snow Shaker”.


From the Festival of Britain programme for the exhibitions in Manchester, Leeds, Nottingham and Glasgow. Adding to my pylon/electricity obsession. Drawing on the original meaning of Pylon as gateway.


Red sky in the morning…and a pylon of my own.


Loving the colours here. Looks like a Howard Hodgkin.


When Joseph Paxton built the crystal palace he had to fit it around a giant Elm tree. I was always reminded of this when I visited the Frieze Art Fair, where the giant arty tents contain a number of Regents Park trees. I also like the pointing men in top hats in this illustration. They are clearly the very important managers, talking and pointing, while the actual work is carried out below.


Lenton rose out in the garden. Way too early for Lent, but very welcome nonetheless.





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