Everyday Life: week 5

Morning tea, essential.


I think it snowed in the night.


Snow abstract.


Waiting for the train.


Snow day for some. Catching the last of the sledging action on my way home. Made me want a go.


I bought a new perfume. Then read that it was it was “A perfect blend for the modern gypsy”… I am interested to think about what this might mean.


Ideas sheet for my exhibition at Leicester Museums school. Talked this over with my mentor the excellent Sarah Plumb. Its going to be a display on scrapbooks created by the Women’s Institute 50 years ago.


I love this book especially its weird illustrations by John Nash. So many of them feature pieces of farm machinery looking like ghosts draped with sheets. I think this is one of my most treasured possessions (even though I think I technically stole it from my mum). It is a first edition from the Curwen Press and has a home made dust jacket constructed from brown parcel paper, still bearing the address of my grandma’s parental home.


Working in bed on a Sunday morning, lovely.


Those trains just keep on powering through.


Telegraph Totem. BT_9M951l. What does it mean?


Snowy Sunday walk.


Signs and wonders no.34: the birds are gathering…



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