Everyday Life: Week 7

A little bit of Springtime on the windowsill. My new years resolution is to take better care of houseplants – 7 weeks in my rose/lemon scented geranium is still going and my village shop hyacinths smell lovely.

I am fascinated by these National Parks air fresheners. There is one for each of the parks and here is the New Forest to add to my collection. I will be writing about them soon for a conference in Tallin.

The Whitworth Art Gallery in Manchester re-opened this week. I was lucky enough to get an invite to the fancy opening party – although there are always levels of “fancy”, and I think I attended the very basic version. Whenever I have had a VIP ticket to anything it has always resulted in having to join a long queue and this was no different. The evening ended with two works by Cornelia Parker, “Breath of a Physicist” in which Kosta Novoselov, co-discoverer of graphene, breathed onto a graphene sensor made from a speck of graphite from a William Blake drawing. This set off “Blakean Abstract”, a firework display charged with iron from a meteorite. The fireworks were very impressive and went on for quite a long time, to the extent that I experienced that moment when into the initial feeling of awe and joy creeps a little voice asking is it over yet?

Cold Dark Matter, some things make perfect shadows of themselves others are abstracts.

It really is such an amazing piece of work. The mundane artifacts of a garden shed become the limitless wonder of the universe. Is it all full of junk?

This is a great chemists window in Buxton. Its part of the arcade of shops that used to accompany the bath house for taking the famous Buxton waters. I am wondering about the danger and glamour of the”Foreign Prescriptions” they used to dispense…Up until recently they used to have a sign outside advertising the latest slimming drugs, little changes.

This window display with all its mirrors and sculptural head looks so surreal. It reminds me of the photographer Atget’s street photography.


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