Everyday Life: Week 12

Dramatic clouds over South Head

Terrible photo of the eclipse

Downside terrible training session. Upside Palace Hotel. Originally built to house the Refuge Assurance Company, it belongs to an age where businesses carved their names in stone, so certain were they of their eternal existence. The Refuge Assurance does continue to exist in some form, after many different take overs it is now part of a faceless conglomerant in an anonymous looking 1980s office block. Progress.

Its always good to know which staircase you’re on.

More proof if proof were needed that ceramic tiles should be the wall covering of choice for public buildings.

When faced with a need for light but also privacy, rather than using the inelegant frosted glass that has become ubiquitous in modern buildings, the designers of the Palace did this. Thank you.

You need to cover a round pillar in tiles? No problem, use our range of curved interlocking decorative triangles. Again, thank you.I’m not a short sighted reactionary, I never had myself down as a lover of Pugin and neo-gothic in fact I’m all for a bit of Brutalism and concrete, but the palace, really is a palace.

Wise words from the complimentary conference centre stationery. This is where I get all my life lessons.


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